Fabric bunting… retro style

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I love looking through old bits of fabric; there’s always some interesting patterns and colours.

I was given some old pieces fabric which had been sitting in my Grandmother’s sewing machine cupboard. They must have been there for a good few years because they smelt quite musty. I loved the vibrant colours and retro style patterns, and at the time I needed some fabric to make buntings for my daughter’s 1st Birthday party, so I washed them and gave them new life.

I used four different fabrics for one of the buntings: on one side I combined a blue geometrical pattern with an orange/brown flowery pattern; on the other side I used plain bright red and a lovely bright green with white and blue flowers. I love the strong contrast in colours: blue versus orange, red and brown, and bright red versus bright green. I sewed the flags onto a red satin ribbon. I prefer to use ribbon rather than bias – I find it’s more decorative.

This bunting is still hanging up in the dinning room, well after the 1st Birthday party. That hint of colour on the wall just seems to add a little jolliness.


Author: racheltalty

Love to design and create stuff, and love photography. I would have no problem being a full-time hobbyist.

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